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Spanish classes from the heart of Bolivia

When I was a child, looking out of my window onto my home city of La Paz in Bolivia, I was blessed to have an amazing view, like the photo you see at the top of my website. I was always fascinated by the sight of Mount Illimani, the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real, with its peak covered in snow all year round.


I associate this with the high standards I set for the quality of my Spanish classes. Step by step we work towards the summit, towards your personal language goals. At the same time, I help you to experience the joy and vitality of South American culture. And who knows? Maybe one day you too will travel to this wonderful place.



I’m very happy that you’re interested in Spanish and that you’ve found my website. I am Keiko Sato and I look forward to helping you gain a broad knowledge of the Spanish language (and culture). Before long, you will be able to successfully manage everyday situations – and maybe some unusual ones too.


After my studies in business administration and the birth of my son, I began teaching Spanish in 2001. Since then, I have dedicated my time to helping people become proficient in my mother tongue. In my classes, I introduce my students not only to the language but also to the power and energy of South American culture – an energy that drives the learning experience.


That is how I came to develop the following classes

Salsa & Spanish

Cooking & Spanish

Language study travel

Spanish & Self-development

Spanish for children

After many years of practical experience and countless skills development programs, including courses on didactics and methodology, I have developed my own method of teaching and acquired a good feel for the language and learning requirements of my students.


I look forward to bringing you a little closer to your Spanish-speaking future!


Know how to communicate. Communication is at the core of social relationships. Language is one of the most important tools. In my Spanish courses I teach not only grammar, vocabulary and spelling, but also how to really communicate in South America and other Spanish-speaking countries. There’s so much to discover!


Emotion and passion are an important part of the Latin mentality. Of course, this is also reflected in the language and how it is used. Spanish differs significantly from both German and English in terms of its expressiveness and emotionality. Emotion is rooted in our culture and is an integral part of our lives.


Intuition is an essential aspect of both the Latin American spirit and my teaching approach. I pride myself on my ability to recognize and apply the method that is optimal for your individual learning progress. I also encourage you to use your intuition to break down language barriers so that you can express yourself freely in everyday situations. Even if you can’t always think of the right word.


Kinesthetic means “in motion”! You’re probably wondering what movement has to do with Spanish? But remember that the culture of Spanish-speaking countries also includes cooking, music and dancing. For more than 20 years I have been dancing salsa with passion, and teaching my own classes. So it could well be that we spontaneously start to move in the middle of the lesson. Be ready for surprises and let yourself go with the flow!


Online, offline, anywhere – the location is up to you! You can choose between online or face-to-face classes, or a combination of both. And in addition to my regular classes, I sometimes organize language trips to Spanish-speaking travel destinations, where you’ll have the opportunity to try out and improve your Spanish skills in practice.


One-to-one tuition

Tailor-made Spanish course tailored just for you for a quick sense of achievement

Group lessons

Sign up with friends or partners. Learning together is fun and motivating.

Business Spanish

Learn to express yourself confidently in business life, and develop your ability to recognize and respect cultural specifics.

Tutoring for students.

I will help you improve your grades in Spanish and make learning a fun experience.

TELC Certificates

As a telc examiner, I can help you prepare well and efficiently for the telc exams.

Thematic courses

Here are just a few of the special courses I offer: Spanish & Cooking, Spanish & Salsa, Spanish & Travel.

Customer testimonials

How about a trip to Spain or South America?

I organize language trips from time to time. If you’re interested, just let me know.



One-to-one tuition
45 min


One-to-one tuition
90 min


Group lessons
(online, 3-5 persons)
45 min

Fees for company courses vary according to requirements. Please write to me at hola@keikosato.eu or contact me by phone. I look forward to hearing from you!


Need more information? Got a question? Would you like to arrange a meeting to discuss the options, with no obligation? Then contact me now! I’m looking forward to your message.

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65183 Wiesbaden

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